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nership would continue and free tra◆de negotiations with Japan, South Korea and other countries wou◆ld be advanced. He also said the negative list for foreig8

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n inv◆estment will be "significantly shortened" and some new measures◆ would be implemented to help ease and raise capacity of intern◆ational trade. Hong Kong and national security Li confirmed "◆sound legal systems and enforcement mechanisms for safeguarding◆ national security" would be establishB

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ed in the Hong Kong and M◆acao special administrative regions and stressed that the "One ◆Country, Two Systems" policy would be "fully and faithfully" im◆plemented. A draft decision on ev

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stablishing and improving the ◆legal system and enforcement mechanisms for HKSAR has been subm◆itted to China's national legislature for deliberation. The pr◆emier added that the government will "resolutely oppose and det◆er any separatist activities seeking 'Taiwan independence'," an◆d pledged to continc

ue to take measures to encourage cross-Strai◆ts exchanges and cooperation. He said compatriots in Taiwan w◆ould be encouraged to "join us in opposing 'Taiwan independence◆' and promoting China's reunification." Business and job supp◆ort Li emphasized t8

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he government would do its utmost to suppor◆t enterprises, stressing that micro, small and medium businesse◆s were in particular need of support in 3

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the context of the pand◆emic. The premier announced that exemptions introduced earlier◆ this year to help businesses through the pandemic, due to expi◆B